Aura Fresh – M87 EP (digital)

On January 14 a new 6-track EP has been released by Chord Plaza Records.

The opening track M87 takes you to a dark dub techno journey towards the M87 galaxy. The dub chord theme is absolutely fits to an imaginary space travel.
4 Bars is based on a 4-bar minimalistic loop with modulated and delayed dub chord progression (make sure you check its versions too, e.g. No Drums Version).
Slo is a slow dubby bass music track without a kick drum with analog chord themes.
Pre-sales on Bandcamp: 14/01/2023.
Release date: 20/01/2023.

Our pick: 4 Bars because of its hypnotic dub techno chord theme

New Waehlscheibe compilation !

The swiss label boss Alessandro Crimi selected 10 tracks for the next digital VA compilation (waehldigi007) on Waehlscheibe which has been released on May 6, 2022.

Among the artist we can find Schulz Audio, Ohm & El Choop, Aura Fresh, and Mr. Crimi as well.

Aura Fresh – System (vinyl / cd album)

The long-awaited vinyl has arrived! 4 of Aura Fresh tracks has been selected by Odrex Music’s mastermind Patrick Peetz for a vinyl (lathe cut edition) release. 6 other tracks are included on the cd album (10 in total.)

Tracklist of the vinyl:

  1. Karibi (classic four on the floor house groove with boomy bassline and positive chord atmosphere)
  2. System (a clever techno tune with a lot of feather-like background chord layers)
  3. Ionosphere (darker techno but still staying on the positive mood side with neverending, industrial chord-themes fading in-out, deep bass guaranteed)
  4. Aurora (soft dubtechno tune with chill-out like atmosphere and a top high-pass-filtered chord theme repeating in every 16 beat)

Our pick: System

Vinyl order:

Cd order:

Aura Fresh – Modular Chord Impressions Volume 3 EP (digital)

After 5 years Aura Fresh warmed up the voltage controlled oscillators again and recorded his new chord impressions via an LM4250 chip based analog multi-mode filter module. Kicking techno grooves and analog chords guaranteed on the 3rd volume too. (In 2013 Aura Fresh released his first Modular Chord Impressions volume, then in 2014 the second volume was published of this series.)

Label: Chord Plaza Records.

Our pick: CV Seq Impression


Aura Fresh – WintAir EP (digital)

Aura Fresh
New year, new EP on Chord Plaza Records. Aura Fresh is back with a 6-track dub techno release. Beside the original dubby, techy house-trip WintAir, the EP contains nice dub tunes like Elavult N Porlepte’s remix and Aura Fresh Re-Dub version. The release ends with the slower dubtech tune Hofodte and with emotional dubby vibes of Flakes Of Snow. Chords in the tracks were carefully led through analog filters and delays to add some magical spice to the sound. The dub techno label delivered a deep and diversified release again.

Our pick: WintAir (Original) and WintAir (Elavult N Porlepte Remix).

Available in digital format worldwide:

Aura Fresh – Dubbing Outdoor (Volume One) [cd and digital]

Aura Fresh

Aura Fresh is back with a new dub techno cd album on Chord Plaza Records.
The first track of the release is a 12 minutes composition titled “Dubbing Outdoor”. It starts with his own field recordings made up of nature sound, then the string chords fading in slowly. The track has a dubby chill-tech-like sound to it; not easy to categorize it to any subgenre. Track 3 “Cathedral Ambience” also contains his own field recordings recorded in cathedrals of Firenze.
The other tunes greatly present Aura Fresh’s classic dub techno, dub house signature sound.
Dubbing Outdoor is available on cd+digital via the dub techno label bandcamp site.
Available also in major download shops, like Beatport, Juno, iTunes, Amazon, etc…